Jul 28, 2012

15 Things I loved about Tnalak Festival and South Cotabato

Tnalak Festival, one of the most awaited feast in South Cotabato, it’s 13th year has just ended last July 18, and certainly this 6-day celebration along with the 46th Foundation Anniversary of the province of South Cotabato were indeed very successful 

            I’m a local of this province, and I feel fortunate that I’m always able to come, see and enjoy the yearly celebration of Tnalak Festival and the Foundation Anniversary of my home Province.

            It’s really more fun in South Cotabato, and I want to share the fun by giving you the top 15 things I( and you might love as well) loved about Tnalak Festival and South Cotabato.

            Here’s the top 15 things that made me fell inlove on Tnalak Festival and South Cotabato:

1.      First and foremost of course are The People of South Cotabato – I love them because despite of the differences in culture, belief, walk of life and even in gender preferences, still  everyone unites and contributed on the success of this province, without it, Tnalak festival won’t be this successful and together we will continue to make a difference, Amo na yah!

2.      The second is the place, “South Cotabato itself, I don’t only love the people but of course this land of South Cotabato too. This land is blessed with natural resources, shielded by mountain from typhoons, and far from dangerous faultlines, who wouldn’t want a place like this. I know South Cotabateneos will join hands in conserving an preserving this God’s given gifts.

3.      “Lake Sebu” – this is the Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao, I’ve been here many times but I will definitely comeback to experience the Highest Zipline in South East Asia, and to see the 7 beautiful cascading falls of Lake Sebu.

4.      “Bahay Kubo and Product Display” – I finally got to discover the different products of the neighboring towns and city in South Cotabato. Before I was just aware of only few, only those that are popular just like Polomolok and their Pineapples which is already known globally.

During Tnalak festival, every town had their opportunity to showcase their respective products and to show how creative and imaginative they are in decorating their bahay kubo using the products that they represent.
5.      One of the event that really catches my heart was the “Harana sa Kubo” it’s fun, and I’m happy that my fellow youngsters were able to see how our parents and grand parents expresses their feelings to someone they love through harana. How romantic!

6.      Who wouldn’t fall in-love to the lovely candidates of “Mutya ng South Cotabato” I’m giving them all a two thumbs up! Basta South Cotabatenya, Gwapa!

7.      Magsinadya kita! – this is the only line that I can understand from the lyrics of the music played during the colorful and loud “Street Dancing” some words are probably Tboli words or from other tribes, but nevertheless I enjoyed the street dancing, in fact the music keeps resounding on my ears until I got home, how addictive!

8.       The Dancing Inmates of South Cotabato – I’ve seen when it was featured on national tv, particularly at 24 oras of GMA 7. I’m amazed by their performance because they joined the Hiphop Dance Competition, “Truly dreams can transcend beyond the iron bars” and despite of being an inmates they were still able to share and showcase their talents.

9.      the first ever “UGYON Fstival: Celebration of Freedom” this celebration was for the members of 3rd-sex(gays,lesbians,bisexuals and transgenders) even though I’m not a member of 3rdSex, I’m happy that the province of South Cotabato acknowledge their contribution in our society. Respect, acceptance and understanding are really necessary to achieve Unity and Peace. Mabuhay South Cotabateneos!

10.   The “AgriFair and Plant exhibit” -  I bonded with my mom on this event, I’ve brought her on the exhibit, I know she will enjoy the various varieties of beautiful flowers and other plants, of course I enjoyed it as well, we are both plant lovers after all.

11.  the “Tnalak Weave” – well, it’s quite obvious that I love the Tnalak, I did actually used it as a design on my blog. I like it’s patterns and the mystical background behind it, I know the patterns were based from the dreams of the weaver, that’s why Tboli women who weaves Tnalak are also known as dream weavers.

12.  the Ornamental Fish Exhibit – I’m an ornamental fish hobbyist, and I’m glad that there was a Fish Show during the festival, because of it, I had the chance to see beautiful strains of guppy, lines of Betta Splendens(fighting fish), goldfishes and Flower horns.

I want the kids of South Cotabato to be exposed on this kind of hobby, so that they will learn how to be responsible and also to take them away from harmful vices.

For us adults, having pets can lessen the stress that we get from work, family, school, and of course lovelife? Hahaha

13.  Koronadal City – I was born here, and still a resident of Koronadal, I love it, even it is just a small city, it is very competitive and peaceful, Kanami Koronadal!

14 . The “South Cotabato Officials “– I salute the government officials of South Cotabato for their  efforts on the development of my beloved home province, without them and their sincere public service. 13th Tnalak Festival and 46th Foundation anniversary won’t be this successful.

15.  The “SUNtastic signal of Sun Cellular”, it has been greatly improved that’s why  I can now enjoy Sun’s unlimited call and text and other promos. It’s easier now to invite friends from afar to join the Tnalak Festival. Great job Sun Cellular, I’m SUNtisfied!

“This is my submission for the T'nalak Festival 2012 Blog Writing Contest, which is made possible with the support of sponsors such as Hon. Governor Arthur Y. Pingoy, Jr and the province of South CotabatoSun Cellular - get two days of unlimited text to all networks for only ₱15 with SUN TEXTALL15Dole Philippines, Representative Teddy CasiƱo & Bayan Muna Party-List,  KCC MallsSouthCotabato.Org and South Cotabato News.”

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Dec 1, 2011

My Vote goes to South Cotabato Tambayan

Among all the 18 finalists of  2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice, there's only one site that I choose to be my choice because I think it deserves to win, and this site is no other than  South Cotabato Tambayan

I’ve seen how this site started, how a hundred visitors grows exponentially into thousands in just a short period of time. What’s the secret? I don’t know, but one thing I’m sure about is that content will always be the king, in other words, a lovable site will be love, a worth visiting site will be visited, again and again – simple as that.

So why is that  South Cotabato Tambayan is lovable and worth visiting? Well, at least for me, South Cotabato Tambayan  is playing a big role on uniting the people of South Cotabato, it serves as a place on the web where South Cotabateneos all over the world could unite online, not only that, South Cotabato Tambayan  helps promote the tourism of the province and  make it known world wide by showcasing various prides of South Cotabato.

Also  South Cotabato Tambayan is always on the top notch on providing fresh information about the events that is taking place on the province, they also exist to inspire other people with the success stories that the South Cotabato Tambayan members shared to everyone.

As to blogging, some of the members of South Cotabato Tambayan  has their own blogs, where they can express their opinions and share their thoughts among the members, they’re exchanging points of views through comments, and I think discussing things about certain issues that might affect our lives is an important act, for we know that communication is necessary  if we want to achieve understanding and peace, that’s why I salute South Cotabato Tambayan for making it possible, for  exerting a noble effort on uniting the South Cotabateneos despite of the differences on cultures,religions,beliefs,political point of views, and a lot more.

I wish they’ll continue what they have started;
more power and long live South Cotabato Tambayan!!!

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Nov 23, 2011

Flying Next to you

Twitter has been on the online scene for maybe almost 5yrs now, but since then, my curiousity wasn't aroused by the noise made by it. I'm aware that it's a new form of microblogging, where you are limited to 140 characters for every entry or post.

you can follow other's updates(tweets), and also they can follow yours too, and to fully understand how it works, I've decided to create an account, the registration process was easy, you can complete it at the count of 3, just start your counting from negative 30,lol.

I created an account now, but I dont know whom to follow, I'm not realy a big fan of Celebrities, I must admit that some of them are realy entertaining on their screen appearances and also has an interesting life behind the camera.

I will take my time finding these interesting individuals,and if you think you're one of them, then save me the effort of finding you, tell me that you are, and I will fly next to you.

Anyways, I dont realy have an interesting stuffs to share, but then I wont deprive you of your right to follow me. just follow me @blindpipit, feel free to waste a little of your time and effort on following my nonsense tweets -hehehe.

More or less, it's all about my randomly shuffled thoughts, and maybe links to my new blog entries, I know that some tweeple, tweets every single thing that they do, from which side of bed they've rose, to what brand of toothpaste they've used before going back to bed -my laziness can't afford this luxury.
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Nov 20, 2011

“Valengtinga" -by Juanta Mad

Oh Valengtinga of my heart.
Your face is like a piece of art.
Truly, I’m fascinated by you.
I can tell the whole world, what I feel is true.(owws?)

We’re both single, so nothing is wrong.
To each other, there’s where we belong.
Sorry if I’m sounding so excited.
I just badly need, someone beside me on my bed.(ewww)

My bed? Oh please, don’t get me wrong
I couldn’t just hold, a feeling this strong.
I’m already seeing you, as my lifetime wife.
Whom I can spend the rest of my life.(etchos)

Oh ngayon Valengtinga, tayo na ba?
O baka naman pambobola ko este panunuyo ay kulang pa
Sana naman kahit konti ay bigyan mo ng halaga
Ang tulad ko, na sa pag-ibig ay nagpapaka-tanga.(weh)

Alam mo Valengtinga, mula nang mahalin kita.
Kahit minsan ay di na ko natalo sa DOTA.
Sa bawat laro ko, ay inspirasyon ka.
Kaya eto ubos lagi ang aking pera(bleh)

Mga grado ko’y nagsibagsakan
Mga lelitsuning baboy sa aking pagtatapos, nagpalakpakan
Oh Valengtinga pwede mo ba akong halikan
Upang ma ibsan sakit na aking nararamdaman.(iduy)

Oh Valengtinga nga-a hindi ka gid, gusto sa akun?
Kay bala pobre lang ko, kag indi mangaranon?
Anu gid haw, kaya ta man ka paka-unun
Amu lang galing, bulad sa aga asta panyapun.(note:with extra rice)

Siling nila: “bahala saging basta labing-labing”
Siling ko man: “bahala sila da ah, sila man nagsiling”
Basta kami ni Valengtinga yah, ma dugsing-dugsing
Juk lang Valengtinga, di ka mangakig mata mo gaduling.(times 2 time 2)

Ari ulahi na nga istansa
Sang akon tula para kay Valengtinga
Kaso daw nadulaan na ko sang gana
Ka suplada man abi sa iya, bisan indi gwapa.(pag sure)

Aw kalimot ko, naa pa diay
Kasabot unta si Valengtinga ug bisaya bai
Basig dili ug iya lang ning ilabai
Awtz pastilan, kasakit pero di jud ko mag pakamatay(kaw gud)

Oi Valengtinga, asa naman ka?
Nganung ako’y imong gikalimtan na?
Wala kay load noh, pasahan tika?
Pag-text pud oi kay imong sutor nagu-ol raba(atik)

Mao na jud ning ulihi na estansa
Kung dili jud ka naku Valengtinga, pasagdan tika
Basta pirme lang huna-huna-a
Nga naay usa ka tanga, sa imo nag-higugma(pareha man gud ta)
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Updating my Kwaderotebook

Kwadernotebook, that's the name of my Rarely Updated Online Journal(blog), I named it Kwadernotebook because my entries are writen in Filipino and English, kwaderno is the tagalog term of notebook, and notebook is the english translation of kwaderno. kuha mo? lol...

Just now(as of this writing), I decided to change my blog's description, from "rarely updated online journal", to "regularly updated boring blog" lol. I'm aware that sometimes I love to write, only sometimes, and when is that? uhmmm.... Monday-Sunday, just guess the day, yes day, not days, which in short means, only once a week.

My blog's updates are not only about the entries or posts, I'm also considering putting facebook comment box under each entry, so that FB people can easily express their creepy reactions about my posts in the form of comments, of course the like button will be there too, just incase the readers are pleased and they would like to show their appriciation by excerting extra effort on clicking the like button.

It's also good to categorize my entries, so that my site's visitors can easily browse my posts by topic or by category, maybe my posts will be divided into two major categories, the nonsense posts and the senseless entries, hehe.

what else? ok, my site's theme, or template design. I'm still debating within myself about this thing, My lazy side wants this current template to be permanent, but my other self wants to have a seasonal design changes, like green hearts design every February, Green Coffin every November, Green snowflakes every December and more as long as it's green, lol. well, we will see if who will win the debate.

lastly, this blog is certified adsfree, no annoying pop-ups and decieving links.

So enjoey your stay, if you're not enjoeying... ...then stay... ...away. lol :)
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PSP: Prodigal Student’s Props

In my more than 5 years in college, these two objects were used to be my study buddies, with their help, learning was become less boring, and more interesting. –and I was just joking with that statement. Lol.

These two objects, the pen and notebook was nothing but a mere props, they doesn’t really served their true purpose, and why is that? It simply because I didn’t allowed them.

These stuffs are supposed to be use on taking down notes, with regards to the lessons I’m studying, but they are not what they are.

In my last 4semesters(2 school year), I’m just bringing those props to make myself appear like a real student, yes a student that is studying well.

Unfortunately that’s not me, it’s maybe right to say that I was a lost white sheep back then on my school days, but fortunately I’m not alone, some of  my professors deserves the title “Lost Shepherds”  which doesn’t fits well to their executive looking attire.

We maybe all fell on the wrong places, or perhaps the places blindly catched us when were falling, and staying as a lost was a good option, but the best choice is to find our way, way back home? Lol.

Ok, going back to my props, that green faithful notebook of mine, offered me 90 leaves, but after 2years, I was only able to waste 14 pages, why? It’s just I don’t feel comfortable drawing some stupid looking curves(my handwriting) on that clean and green but white pages of my notebook.

And because the rain has already stopped,  I can now stop writing too, I can go out now. Yahoo!!! Killing time is over, I’ve overly killed it already. Hahahaha
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Freaking Farmers Friend(The Marathon)

This story is from 3yrs ago, I just remembered things about it when I’m browsing old pictures on my pc ,and saw that picture of a doll on the ricefield(scare crow) –sorry if the picture is not in good quality, it was taken using my old Nokia 3110c cellphone's camera, and I believe I zoomed it, that’s why the picture was blurry.

The highlight of that day was not about that Doll nor the rice field, it’s just happened that those were present there, where? At Brgy. San Felipe, 5 or 10kms from Koronadal city, why I was there? That’s where the starting point of the marathon where I joined.

I’m with my two friends, and that marathon is one of the event that is part of our school Intramurals. By seeing that doll’s picture, I remembered how tired I was back then, it brings back the feeling when I’m pushing my legs to its limit, it was my first time to join a marathon, and unfortunately I wasn’t prepared.

I’m proud and happy that I was able to finish it, my time was 31 minutes and a few forgotten seconds, it was a sweet little achievement, in exchange for my sweat, and I barely can stand the nextday.

And what about the Freaking Farmer's Friend? I just find it funny, that instead of putting some scary figures to scare the birds, they’ve placed a creepy doll, maybe the ones they want to scare are the passersby, well It’s still scary after all. why not...

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Buzzing Bunch of Blackbirds

It was a Tuesday morning, I cant remember the exact date, but it was around 6am-7am. I rose from bed, opened the window, and welcome the new day.

When I opened the window, my eyes as well as my ears  were surprised by the number of birds on the powerlines, it wasn’t the usual view that I’m expecting to see, so I quickly grabbed my jijicam(DigiCam),lol, and captured few shots.

I’m really amazed, there’s so many of them, and it was the first time I saw those birds that many, on the powerlines in front of my room’s window, the usual number is 1 up to 6, those were Mayas(Sparrows), but these birds are not, I’m familiar with it, I’ve seen this everyday in our school when I was in KNCHS as well as when I was in college.

I wondered why those birds are there, until I found out why, and that’s because of the Balete tree nearby, I remembered that these birds loves to eat Balete tree’s fruit, and they were the ones responsible for the stains on my school uniform when I passed under the Balete tree during my highschool days.

And that morning, I ended up reminiscing my good old days while having a cup of coffee.

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Fair Farewell

It’s been sometime since we’ve started
Started the bond that is now dead
I’ll miss the moments we’ve shared on bed
When I’m asleep  and you’re touching my head

The feelings back then doesn’t seems will end
But now what is left is only love for a friend
I wonder if things now are too late to amend
I hope my knees are still willing to bend

Love for each other, is what binds us together
And I never thought that it won't last forever
Now I’m nothing to you but a stranger
A stranger that is always ready to save you if you are in danger

I hope you will find the things that I wished you to see
If not that’s fine, all I wanted is to make you happy
Spread your wings, fly, soar, you are now free
If you feel tired, just come back, you can rest on me

Don’t ever forget that you were once part of my life
You, whom I desired to be my future wife
And that desire was now ruined by strife
It feels like my heart was pierced by a rusty knife

I know, same is true for you
I’m aware that I’ve hurt you too
And sometimes that pain caused you fever and flu
Flu, that is stickier than elmer’s glue.


...break it down yo! lol.

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