Dec 1, 2011

My Vote goes to South Cotabato Tambayan

Among all the 18 finalists of  2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice, there's only one site that I choose to be my choice because I think it deserves to win, and this site is no other than  South Cotabato Tambayan

I’ve seen how this site started, how a hundred visitors grows exponentially into thousands in just a short period of time. What’s the secret? I don’t know, but one thing I’m sure about is that content will always be the king, in other words, a lovable site will be love, a worth visiting site will be visited, again and again – simple as that.

So why is that  South Cotabato Tambayan is lovable and worth visiting? Well, at least for me, South Cotabato Tambayan  is playing a big role on uniting the people of South Cotabato, it serves as a place on the web where South Cotabateneos all over the world could unite online, not only that, South Cotabato Tambayan  helps promote the tourism of the province and  make it known world wide by showcasing various prides of South Cotabato.

Also  South Cotabato Tambayan is always on the top notch on providing fresh information about the events that is taking place on the province, they also exist to inspire other people with the success stories that the South Cotabato Tambayan members shared to everyone.

As to blogging, some of the members of South Cotabato Tambayan  has their own blogs, where they can express their opinions and share their thoughts among the members, they’re exchanging points of views through comments, and I think discussing things about certain issues that might affect our lives is an important act, for we know that communication is necessary  if we want to achieve understanding and peace, that’s why I salute South Cotabato Tambayan for making it possible, for  exerting a noble effort on uniting the South Cotabateneos despite of the differences on cultures,religions,beliefs,political point of views, and a lot more.

I wish they’ll continue what they have started;
more power and long live South Cotabato Tambayan!!!

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