Jun 7, 2011

Daylight Delight

Summer was about to end, kids will be busy again, that’s why we have decided to have a break from work—oops I’m not included, I’m a fulltime TAMBAY after all. I can’t remember what day and date it was, all I know is we went to beach.

Our departure time was 5:30AM and because we are Filipinos, we’ve took off an hour after the set departure time. We are going to General Santos City, 50+ kilometers from where we are. We rented a multicab, just enough for 3 small families, our family and my two titas’s families, but some family members are not included..
There are two towns or municipalities that we will be passing by, before we reach General Santos City. The first is the municipality of Tupi, when we got there the multicab where we are in, got a flat tire, but fortunately the driver had a spare tire, that’s why it wasn’t really counted as a delay. We had a picture taking while we are waiting for the driver to replace the flatted tire, and other guys helped him to make thing easy and fast, maybe in less than 15mins it was fixed, and our travel continues.

The next stop was at the Municipality of Polomolok, we have to pick up one of my tita there, and while waiting for her to arrived, we did not waste time and we bought fishes to be grilled on their market, where fishes are cheap and fresh, after my tita arrived, we resume our travel, our next stop was in cemetery, cemetery? Yes! Cemetery. We’ve visited my late grandfather, we just offered a little prayer, and asked him after if he would like to join our outing, --good thing is he didn’t answered back and maybe ask us if we would like to join him –hehe. Well, in our time we will.

Ok our travel continues, we arrived at our destination around 8:30-9:00am, we ate our breakfast first before we enjoy the sand, sun and the salt water. Everyone was enjoying, even not everyone knows how to swim, so some were left near the seashore, where water is not deep and they feel safe.
It’s admirable to watch my grandmother swimming , yeah she can still swim, even if she can’t walk fast, but then she can swim swiftly, she’s already 89 years old and despite of her age, she’s still capable of doing those things that she used to do when she was still young. 

As the heat gets hotter, we shed our selves under the roof of our rented cottage, we are all afraid to toast our skin, some of us doubting the effectiveness of their applied sun block, so we took a rest while treating our stomach, I’ve exposed also my fattened tummy, who cares! everyone in the group has a tummy same to mine(if not healthier)—haha. 

After we had our lunch, we forgot about the sun and the sunburn , we enjoyed the water again and its flashing waves. That was our last soak, we’ve gone off after.

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Anonymous said...

nice.nice. hope to have joined you.


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