Sep 29, 2010

About Joey Mallari Laglagaron

          I’m Joey Laglagaron, that’s my Given name and Surname, my middle name is “Mallari”, My incomplete date of birth is August ,6 (never mind the year ), as of this writing, I’m already on my 20’s, if late or early, it doesn’t matter ­­. –suplado? Lol.

           My parents are both widows, it means the two of them had their first family –self explanatory? I have siblings from both sides, 1 from my mother and 6 from the other side, and if we do some math, the total is 8, that’s me and my 7 half , but loving older sisters and brothers.

            My birth place was in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. At the time of my birth, it is still a municipality, and it is popularly known as “Marbel”, majority of the people here are ilonggo, my father too is an Ilongo but my mother is a Kapangpangan, the remaining tribes are mixed up of Ilocanos,Cebuanos,Muslims and other ethnic tribes.

            I spent my preschool days in Davao City, where my siblings from my father’s side reside, on my stay there I learned how to speak in Cebuano or “bisaya”, that’s the dialect that they are using, and learning it wasn’t easy because my tongue is only used in uttering and muttering tagalog words, but eventually because of frequent exposures, I’ve learned how, and making friends with others kids on our neighborhood was made easy.

           I was 7 years old when I lost my father, young as I was, I’m already aware of how much he loved me, his final words before his final breath, was all about me, for me, for my betterment, he wanted me to be sent in good school, and my siblings granted that wish, I’ve already completed my first grade at the public school on our barrio , where my Father formerly served as a school principal. As an answer to his wish, I was sent to a private school, my siblings funded my schooling, thanks to them, I’ve finished my primary education on a good school, however I’m not a good pupil back then, I’ve demonstrated excellence when it comes on keeping my grades below the average. This poor academic performance of mine will lead me to poverty if not treated, so as a treatment I was transferred to a public school for my secondary education.

        I’ve enrolled at Koronadal National Comprehensive HighSchool(KNCHS), my four years of stay there was one of the most colorful chapter of my life, I’ve learned a lot about life and its reality, I was exposed to different kinds of people from all walks of life. I’ve filled my head  of good memories that I can treasure and will give me some faint light during my dark and down times, and I also included those bad memories that will remind me of the morals that I’ve learned in the past. It’s good that I’ve experience learning from my experiences. Somehow I managed to finish my highschool in not more than 4 years. Lol –unlike…

    …unlike my college. After highschool, I went back to a private school, I’ve enrolled at Notre Dame of Marbel University, the only university in our city(at the time of this writing). I’ve taken up Computer Science, only because I cant think of other course(s) that interests me, and somehow I’m quite fascinated with computers, that is why. After two years of pain, I’ve shifted from Computer Science to Information Technology, where my friends are and where I thought headache doesn’t exist, but I was wrong, my stay there was extended. In the end, I made it until the end, I’ve graduated… finally.

          What else about me? I’m a floratic and faunatic kind of guy, a fanatic of plants and animals or nature in general. When I was a kid(I’m still), I used to catch fishes and fresh water crabs and shrimps on the rivulet(Sapa) in our barrio, these are my early pets back then, but eventually, I found out that there’s a more eye pleasing fishes that is for sale on the shop they called petshop in our city, from plain gray-colored fishes, my aquarium was filled new fishes with different colors and different prices. Aside from fishes I also had have other pets like: white mice, dog , cat, guinea pigs, and  a chameleon which I decided to release back into wild because I don’t have enough time catching insects for its food.

            I also love hiking I used to do it everyday for maybe two weeks, this is when I graduated in elementary and still waiting for highschool school opening. I spent my idle days with my friends on our barrio, some of them are our native folks, their tribe is b’laan. They are very friendly, I always hike with them in the mountain near our house, just a few meters from our backyard. –I guess my mother doesn’t know about it until now. Haha.
           I… I’m running out of words… hehe. I already forgot about my other interests, like watching the rain, the sunset, the sunrise, the singing birds(watching their song?), I also forgot that I love listening to music, from those heart-melting love songs to these head-banging and eardrum breaking rock music. I’m also an enthusiast of photography, astrology, technology, pornography??? –lol  and many other logy-logies.

          Uhmmmm what else??? I’ll just update this blog entry whenever I remembered something relevant. You may also ask me for a particular fact(s) that you would like to know. If it’s too personal or not, that’s for me to decide. Hehe.

         P.S. : if you made it here without skipping some of the paragraphs up there, then Thank you! But if you did skipped, then still Thanks! and if you went directly here, here’s for you… You! Lol.

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hahaha i'm your no.1 fan..:) guees who..hahha

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ah lyk this.. very nice.. i really find u xtremely interesting

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