Sep 29, 2010

yes or no to nofollow

To those who are concern and conscious on their blog/website ranking on SERP(Search Engine Result Pages) you guys might be familiar of this nofollow tag, it is not actually a tag but an attribute used on HTML tags, If you know SEO(Search Engine Optimization) then probably this nofollow attribute is familiar to you and if you don’t, just find continue reading and find out why is it important.

One factor that is always considered by most of the search engines if not all, when ranking your blogs or website are the links on your webpages, it’s important that the links on your site are relevant or related to your sites topic or post, for example if your blog is all about different breeds of dogs, then the links from or to your blog must be something or somehow related to dogs, so that when search engine crawlers check your site then your ranking will not be reduce, since the links are relevant.

Now, when and why to use the nofollow attribute? When? If the link is not relevant to your site or post topic , and you might ask why is that you need to have links?, and the answer is simple: its necessary for your ranking and perhaps for your post, you may have seen a lot of bloggers exchanging links with each other, and if they don’t consider if it is relevant to their site or not, and as a result they still remains on the least portion of the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) list.

Exchanging links with other websites or blogs is not bad, if its is relevant to your’s but still you can and you may, as long as you use no follow attribute to those links that are not relevant to your’s then your rank will not have to be reduce by the search engines. How to use the nofollow attribute? Links on websites looks like this: “<a href="">irrelevant site</a>” just add rel=”nofollow” inside the opening tag anchor tag and it will looks like this now: <a href= rel=”nofollow”>irrelevant site</a>

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