Sep 28, 2010

About me???

Welcome to my “About me” page, you might be familiar of “about Us” page, most websites particularly those that are owned by organizations and companies used to use that term, it’s usually located above or sometimes below their site’s banner, and sometimes on their horizontal navigation links.
Anyway, I’ll be just talking about myself here, so there’s no need for me to use the term “about us”, though for sure I’ll be mentioning other persons here but still it’s “about me” not “about us”—whoever that person may be haha.
What a lengthy introduction! It’s time for me now to introduce myself, me and I, I’m(not single) Joey Mallari Laglagaron, my dream when I grow up(if ever) is to become an astronaut(kidding). Uhmmmm haha I don’t know where to and how to start, should I be talking about my family background?, my educational attainment?, my lovelife?, my hobbies and habits?, likes and dislikes?, my most favorite green color?, first kiss?, ultimate crush?, aji no motto in life?, zodiac sign?, childhood heroes? Haha I almost forgot this isn’t a scrapbook after all, only that what I’m writing are just like a senseless scraps.  Hehe
My bad, I can’t get serious even if I wanted to. Well, I’ll just take it easy, and let my pen lead the way, way to nowhere hehe I should be talking about me(myself) here but unexpectedly I ended up talking to myself, haha. Oooopssszzzz it isn’t the end yet, so I’ll take back my word, I didn’t end it up, that’s what I mean, because I’ll be talking to you too…     …LATER.

    Finally, I seriously feel that I’m serious now on writing my “about me” page. It’s now clear to me what to write, and what not to write haha, what I mean is, I should be considering what we called “privacy” to make it short, I can’t go all out on giving or publishing my personal informations online, why can’t I? because it can be use against me or for evil purposes, and how? uhmmmmm just ask me in person, so that I can automatically identify or include you to my list of suspects(if ever) haha fair enough isn’t it? Haha

    Haha I thought I’ll be serious on that precious paragraph, but still not serious enough to be called serious. By now, you might be tired of reading about my “about me” page since you are not getting what you want, you don’t want me, do you? Whatever your answer, I’m sure you’ve come this far to know more about me, isn’t it right? Well I don’t want to disappoint you, but… … but your on you’re way to what you are really after…congratulations  à continue to my “about me page” it’s entitled, About Joey Mallari Laglagaron.

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