Nov 20, 2011

Freaking Farmers Friend(The Marathon)

This story is from 3yrs ago, I just remembered things about it when I’m browsing old pictures on my pc ,and saw that picture of a doll on the ricefield(scare crow) –sorry if the picture is not in good quality, it was taken using my old Nokia 3110c cellphone's camera, and I believe I zoomed it, that’s why the picture was blurry.

The highlight of that day was not about that Doll nor the rice field, it’s just happened that those were present there, where? At Brgy. San Felipe, 5 or 10kms from Koronadal city, why I was there? That’s where the starting point of the marathon where I joined.

I’m with my two friends, and that marathon is one of the event that is part of our school Intramurals. By seeing that doll’s picture, I remembered how tired I was back then, it brings back the feeling when I’m pushing my legs to its limit, it was my first time to join a marathon, and unfortunately I wasn’t prepared.

I’m proud and happy that I was able to finish it, my time was 31 minutes and a few forgotten seconds, it was a sweet little achievement, in exchange for my sweat, and I barely can stand the nextday.

And what about the Freaking Farmer's Friend? I just find it funny, that instead of putting some scary figures to scare the birds, they’ve placed a creepy doll, maybe the ones they want to scare are the passersby, well It’s still scary after all. why not...

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Anonymous said...

fei chang xiaren? huaji! :P

Juanta Mad on March 6, 2012 at 6:47 PM said...

????(clueless) haha

Anonymous said...

very scary? funny!

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