Nov 20, 2011

Buzzing Bunch of Blackbirds

It was a Tuesday morning, I cant remember the exact date, but it was around 6am-7am. I rose from bed, opened the window, and welcome the new day.

When I opened the window, my eyes as well as my ears  were surprised by the number of birds on the powerlines, it wasn’t the usual view that I’m expecting to see, so I quickly grabbed my jijicam(DigiCam),lol, and captured few shots.

I’m really amazed, there’s so many of them, and it was the first time I saw those birds that many, on the powerlines in front of my room’s window, the usual number is 1 up to 6, those were Mayas(Sparrows), but these birds are not, I’m familiar with it, I’ve seen this everyday in our school when I was in KNCHS as well as when I was in college.

I wondered why those birds are there, until I found out why, and that’s because of the Balete tree nearby, I remembered that these birds loves to eat Balete tree’s fruit, and they were the ones responsible for the stains on my school uniform when I passed under the Balete tree during my highschool days.

And that morning, I ended up reminiscing my good old days while having a cup of coffee.

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