Nov 20, 2011

Fair Farewell

It’s been sometime since we’ve started
Started the bond that is now dead
I’ll miss the moments we’ve shared on bed
When I’m asleep  and you’re touching my head

The feelings back then doesn’t seems will end
But now what is left is only love for a friend
I wonder if things now are too late to amend
I hope my knees are still willing to bend

Love for each other, is what binds us together
And I never thought that it won't last forever
Now I’m nothing to you but a stranger
A stranger that is always ready to save you if you are in danger

I hope you will find the things that I wished you to see
If not that’s fine, all I wanted is to make you happy
Spread your wings, fly, soar, you are now free
If you feel tired, just come back, you can rest on me

Don’t ever forget that you were once part of my life
You, whom I desired to be my future wife
And that desire was now ruined by strife
It feels like my heart was pierced by a rusty knife

I know, same is true for you
I’m aware that I’ve hurt you too
And sometimes that pain caused you fever and flu
Flu, that is stickier than elmer’s glue.


...break it down yo! lol.

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