Sep 29, 2010

South Cotabato Experience

Being born and becoming an inhabitant on this province of South Cotabato is such a good luck and fortune, If you are born here too then you shouldn’t be asking why, but if not then I guess I have to give you an idea on why I think and I thought I’m lucky and fortunate to be born on this beautiful province of South Cotabato. there are numbers of reasons that I can enumerate to you why I feel lucky being a South Cotabateneo. The first is that Province of South Cotabato is rich on natural resources of  its different towns. For us exporting products or goods from other provinces is not an option, we have enough here and in fact we are capable of exporting as well, just like other provinces. For example the pineapples of Polomolok are also served on Uncle Sam’s breakfast, not only to Juan Dela Cruz, and not only town of Polomolok, other towns of South Cotabato also has their respective products which serve as their trademark. Town of Banga is known because for their corn, also Lake Sebu is famous for its Tilapia and beautiful lake resorts. This province of South Cotabato is not only proud of its natural resources, also of its people, South Cotabato is a province of peace loving and talented people, the T’nalak woven by the native of T’boli is already known worldwide, and its one of the province pride, maybe that is why our festival was named: ‘t’nalak festival’ –and you should visit us during our celebration of t’nalak festival to witness the rich and colorful culture of South Cotabateneos.

        Even if I was born here and a permanent resident of South Cotabato, there are still places here that I haven’t visited yet(not until I went there) haha. And one of those is Lake Sebu, I got curious about this place when I heard a lot of good things about it from my friends, classmates, and other people. They said it was a nice there, and they really had a great time, the place was so peaceful and relaxing and they’ll definitely come back there. Their said experiences at Lake Sebu becomes my first impression of that place, a first impression that certainly last until now, I have already been there many times, not just more than twice of one hehehe and that is when my impressions becomes reality, it was a paradise before my eyes, you’ll forget your worries and tensions, its really a good place to relax and unwind which I think is necessary for busy persons like… …you? Maybe, hehehe I’m not a busy person, not at all. But still I love the place and I will loved to be misplaced there hahaha missing? Or lost? –haha just dreaming for adventure.

The climate was very cold or rather the weather, but whether the climate or the weather, the point is its cold, very cold, especially when the sun is not present, you better take your blanket or jacket or igloo hahaha with you.

I wonder if Manny Pacquiao could do his training here instead of in baguio and when he refused, then we could invite Antonio Margarito hahahaha he might forget his fight to Manny Paquiao, leave his boxing career and choose to spend his whole life at Lake Sebu, and maybe raise some Tilapia hahahaha I can’t wait to see a punching Tilapia or maybe a punched Tilapia haha how cruel! –too much for the nonsense.

Haha I’ll be giving you 10 reasons why everyone should have their own South Cotabato experience(s) just see the ff:

10 reasons why you should visit South Cotabato

1.    for you to discover the hidden treasure of South Cotabateneos different cultures.
2.    for you to taste the tasty and fresh tilapia of Lake Sebu
3.    for you to see that South Cotabato is a land of peace.
4.    for you to feel fine eating fineapples(pineapples) of Polomolok.
5.    for you to fall inlove not just seven times to Lakes Sebu’s 7 falls.
6.    to see and learn how T’nalak cloths are woven.
7.    to relax and find peace in the calm and wonderful lake at Lake Sebu.
8.    to experience the ziplines at Lake Sebu
9.    to enjoy life more.
10.    why not?—why not visit South Cotabato? You may post your reasons here, who knows if that’s about financial matters, then maybe someone generous will sponsor your trip hahaha that’s if luck is on your side hehe.

So what are you waiting for? Tickets are available at the nearest Bus terminal, Airport and fishport?hehe  come and visit South Cotabato, your journey begins here(and ends here as well?) just kidding. For more info just visit South Cotabato Tambayan @  I’m sure they are happy to help you, because SCT or South Cotabato Tambayan is the only online tambayan of true and friendly Cotabateneos and you might want to join their 1st SCT Blog-Writing Contest, great prizes are waiting for you. This is actually my entry for this said contest, hehe my poorly written entry, but still I’m hoping to win the consolation prize… if not the Grand prize. hehehehe but I’ll be more happy if it’s the Grand prize hahaha and if you are also interested to join then check out the mechanics for The 1st SCT Blog-Writing Contest. Good luck… to myself and to you also.

----------------------- MADAMO GID NGA SALAMAT -------------------------------

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nanardxz on September 30, 2010 at 2:39 AM said...

woah! tnx for joining!! nice post! winner na ito!! hehe

nanardxz on September 30, 2010 at 2:48 AM said...

haha natawa ako dun sa last part.. :)

Qrina on September 30, 2010 at 7:26 AM said...

Thank you for your entry. It shows how passionate you are about our province. I am proud of you. I can't wait to hear more from others.
Keep it going Cotabatenyos... Corie Laraya-Coutts

Anonymous said...

hi jo i like your site so much heheheh gud that somebody like you is proud to be taga cotabato hahah like ko ang seven falls jo nakalagaw nako dira kaso lang until 2nd falls hope sa sunod ma visit ko na tanan hahahah..din sa duha ka resort sarap ang fud super ehhehe

odietamo on October 17, 2010 at 5:48 PM said...

tnx tnx

la pa gni ko kalagaw dira hahaha next time sa ika 8th gid ko hehe
libreha bala ko hahaha

Rent on February 16, 2011 at 11:53 PM said...

Ganda. Gusto ko pumunta dito one day. BTW, anong lake ang nasa picture?

odietamo on March 2, 2011 at 5:45 PM said...

@Rent: Yep maganda talaga, Lake Sebu yang nasa picture i-google mo nalang for more info... yeah I'm inviting to visit our Province of South Cotabato. tnx for hopping on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow nice!Proud to be your reader my friend! Hehehe funny but interesting though. Keep it up my Jo!

odietamo on March 6, 2011 at 7:11 PM said...

to anonymous a.k.a "reader": hehe oh? buti na pag tyaga-an mong basahin hehehe... "my jo"???? haha sino po sila? jeje

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