Sep 29, 2010

Burnout Brownout Burnout

Sometimes brownout is similar to death, it something that sometimes your can’t predict. It will take you by surprise, and darkness will suddenly appear before your eyes. For people like me who’s always working important things on a computer(when not playing games) hahaha,

Sometimes  we see brownout as a disaster, we’re usually working 3hrs to 6hrs or more on a important project and then lost everything in a second— hahaha that’s how cruel brownout for us.

 If  you are using a laptop then you’re a bit lucky, your laptop will prompt a warning if its power is draining you’ll have your time saving your works.

 If you don’t have a laptop and you are using a desktop computer then you should be using UPS with it, it will give you enough time, not only on finishing your work but most importantly on saving your work.

    If  you don’t have a laptop or UPS, don’t worry you can still avoid any lost of data and save time and sweat by not repeating those works that you probably haven’t saved when the brownout surprised you, and how? Just love the two life saving keys on the keyboard the ctrl(control) key and the ‘s’ key because ctrl+s is the shortcut key for saving your works, it won’t hurt if you press it every 5 minutes when doing something important that needs to be saved, so you better make it a habit or choose to feel bitter when you don’t. hehehe

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