Nov 20, 2011

PSP: Prodigal Student’s Props

In my more than 5 years in college, these two objects were used to be my study buddies, with their help, learning was become less boring, and more interesting. –and I was just joking with that statement. Lol.

These two objects, the pen and notebook was nothing but a mere props, they doesn’t really served their true purpose, and why is that? It simply because I didn’t allowed them.

These stuffs are supposed to be use on taking down notes, with regards to the lessons I’m studying, but they are not what they are.

In my last 4semesters(2 school year), I’m just bringing those props to make myself appear like a real student, yes a student that is studying well.

Unfortunately that’s not me, it’s maybe right to say that I was a lost white sheep back then on my school days, but fortunately I’m not alone, some of  my professors deserves the title “Lost Shepherds”  which doesn’t fits well to their executive looking attire.

We maybe all fell on the wrong places, or perhaps the places blindly catched us when were falling, and staying as a lost was a good option, but the best choice is to find our way, way back home? Lol.

Ok, going back to my props, that green faithful notebook of mine, offered me 90 leaves, but after 2years, I was only able to waste 14 pages, why? It’s just I don’t feel comfortable drawing some stupid looking curves(my handwriting) on that clean and green but white pages of my notebook.

And because the rain has already stopped,  I can now stop writing too, I can go out now. Yahoo!!! Killing time is over, I’ve overly killed it already. Hahahaha

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♥ hana banana ♥ on November 24, 2011 at 6:57 AM said...

ow em geee...that is so me, once in a blue moon land din na ta-touch mga notebooks ko! haha...tamad lang mag kopya ng writings sa board hehehe

Juanta Mad on November 27, 2011 at 8:33 PM said...

hahahaha oh you belong hehe. oo nakakatamad talaga kumopya ng di mo naman babasahin hahaha.

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