Nov 20, 2011

Updating my Kwaderotebook

Kwadernotebook, that's the name of my Rarely Updated Online Journal(blog), I named it Kwadernotebook because my entries are writen in Filipino and English, kwaderno is the tagalog term of notebook, and notebook is the english translation of kwaderno. kuha mo? lol...

Just now(as of this writing), I decided to change my blog's description, from "rarely updated online journal", to "regularly updated boring blog" lol. I'm aware that sometimes I love to write, only sometimes, and when is that? uhmmm.... Monday-Sunday, just guess the day, yes day, not days, which in short means, only once a week.

My blog's updates are not only about the entries or posts, I'm also considering putting facebook comment box under each entry, so that FB people can easily express their creepy reactions about my posts in the form of comments, of course the like button will be there too, just incase the readers are pleased and they would like to show their appriciation by excerting extra effort on clicking the like button.

It's also good to categorize my entries, so that my site's visitors can easily browse my posts by topic or by category, maybe my posts will be divided into two major categories, the nonsense posts and the senseless entries, hehe.

what else? ok, my site's theme, or template design. I'm still debating within myself about this thing, My lazy side wants this current template to be permanent, but my other self wants to have a seasonal design changes, like green hearts design every February, Green Coffin every November, Green snowflakes every December and more as long as it's green, lol. well, we will see if who will win the debate.

lastly, this blog is certified adsfree, no annoying pop-ups and decieving links.

So enjoey your stay, if you're not enjoeying... ...then stay... ...away. lol :)

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