May 18, 2011

Bandage for my Aged Cellphone

Bandage for my aged cellphone –maybe this title will suggest to your imagination that you should be seeing inside your head an old cellphone wrapped with scotch tape, masking tape, or worst electrical tape.
          Well, that’s not the case, and I’m not going to mummify it to preserve its physical form either. What I’m about to do or perhaps what I did was, I just covered it’s wound, wound? Hehe ok here’s the story, my cellphone is a Nokia 3110c, an old model and an old one, it was just a gift to me from my sister, and it’s 3 or 4years old now—oops does it confused you? I’m referring on my cellphone.

            Just recently(as of this writing), due to old age(not my negligence) my cellphone’s usb connector cover, was removed, it just suddenly fell down(fell up?)—haha.  It wasn’t really a surprise, I was really expecting this phone to show me some signs of aging, and as a matter of fact, it already does, as you can see on the picture, the characters on it’s keypad was already erased, but it’s my doings because some characters were peeled off already, that’s why I’ve erased them all to make it look even.

            There was also more that 4000sms on my sent items, which I can’t erase because it was hidden and the bad news was, it consumes my phone’s internal memory free disk space, that’s why now I can’t same more than 100sms on my inbox, I have to mass delete sms more frequently—how troublesome!
            And now its new deficiency is this lacking of usb connector cover, what’s the big deal with this? Well, yes I can still send sms without that cover, but what I’m worried about was when small particles or objects(bacteria?)—haha, will plug-in on my usb connector’s port, the result is it will be damaged, and won’t anymore be able to use it when connecting my phone to pc for transferring of files.

            Thanks God, that these thick rubber bands were made, I’ve got an idea why not use it to covers my phone’s usb connector’s port, and it will serve as a decoration as well. It does perfectly fit on my phone, I’ve used to use it that way before, but I’ve removed it because it’s hard to answer someone’s call or to talk to someone over the phone, nhy? Because this thick rubber band if used that way, will cover the phone’s voice or sound  receiver—haha not sure with this term, it’s located near the usb connector’s port,  I have to remove the rubber band first before I can talk, and it’s not easy since it’s tight, otherwise you won’t be heard on the another end..


            So, that’s it! I’ve used it again, it looks nice somehow and more importantly it covers the open wound of my aged cellular phone.

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Anonymous said...

Funny!!! You can use my old phones Kalel if you want to...

odietamo on June 5, 2011 at 11:36 PM said...

oh! haha what an eyebulging offer! nahiya ako sensei hehe

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Nahiya pa? Kabalo pa diay ka maulaw? Joke, heheh.

odietamo on June 7, 2011 at 5:30 PM said...

hahahaha yeah... syempre shy type kaya ko, remember? haha

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